Xterra Asia Pacific Championships April 2016

I had high hopes for racing here at Xterra Asia Pacific Championships but sadly I came down with a sinus infection after the national champs and it crashed my immune system. So I came into this event with no prep. But I decided to take the trip also anyway as I have the leave and accom all sorted.

I decided that to dust off my mountain bike and ride the course on Thursday. Some fun sections on the course, loved the “super bowl” trail. Also felt great to be back on the bike.

xterra swim start

I decided to give the “racing” a go, after all I’d made the long drive to Jervis Bay from Melbourne. Race morning was windy and the sea was rough, the swim was changed from two laps to one and there was a lot of sea weed on the shore break.

xterra swim exit 2

The bike was a mix of fire trail with  number of large muddy puddles and sweet single track! The run was mostly flat. It contained some running along the beach, trail, and of course some more mud.

Even though I really wanted to have a good race here I was happy to be able to be part of the event. Its a strange feeling being in a race but not able to “race” but it was a fun even to be participating in. Final positive was I managed to finish 8th Elite Female!

xterra finish

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