Summer is for open water swimming

In summer my interest in swimming is greatly increased. It’s the time when you can leave the pool and head to the open water. One of the problems with living in Melbourne is that this season is just not long enough.

One the benefits of my job is that the office is in Port Melbourne and so I can do a weekly open water swim before work at Elwood and still make it to work by 8am. No better way to start the day than a calm bay swim with a great sunrise. If your lucky you can see a few rays out on the journey to from Elwood to Brighton and return.

open water

There have been two open water swim races that I have been doing for years.

Point Leo Boxing Day swim is the one I have done for the longest. Its used to be a friendly rivalry between one of my best mates form school and myself. Sadly, she is in Africa at the moment so their was no bragging rights on the line but for the first time after all these years I took line honors and I won the Open Female Age Group! It was a rough day and I loved!point leo

I spent my Australia Day weekend back down the Peninsula and competed in another favorite open water race, the MMAD swim, Mount Martha Australian Day swim. Conditions were perfect, calm, sunny and the water was so clear. I finished 2nd in the 18-29 female age group.

Looking forward to many successful open water events




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