Australian Off-Road Triathlon Championships

Last weekend was the Australian Off-Road Triathlon Championships in Bendigo. It was also part of the Tre-X Off-Road Series.

It was a hot day in country Victoria and the start wasn’t until 10am so the sun was out in the full strength. The event set up was very professional and the course was clearly marked, dry and fast.

After briefing I jumped into the lake to do a swim warm up. Unfortunately while doing an effort I had a collision with another competitors arm and my face which resulted in broken goggles and cut under my eye. Two minutes to race start, oh well, no googles it is, luckily we were swimming in a freshwater lake.

The swim was a two lap, non-wetsuit swim with short run in-between the two laps. I exited the water in second place. It was a bit of a rocky run over the hill to transition for my soft non summer feet, ouch. Then it was out onto the 3 lap bike course. It was a dry, fast, flowing course. A lot of fun. Early into the second lap I passed Jacqui Slack for the lead as she had unfortunately been victim to a flat tyre. I held the lead until late in the third lap when I was passed by the flying Miss Swiss, Renanta Butcher.


After a not so speedy transition I was onto the run. I made an error by not taking in enough nutrition on the bike as was struggling. I could see Renata just in front and Dimity Lee-Duke came flying past. It was a good, close race between the top 3. I was very happy to see the aid station and had a Pro4mance gel and was ready for my second wind to kick in. After the creek crossing, the trail started going back downhill towards transition. I then rolled my ankle badly and it was crippling. I was halfway through the first lap which meant I was a few km’s away so I started my hobble home. I kept trying to get back to running, it was demoralising walking while the next few girls ran past. As Ben Allen passed me on his second lap told me that there was a big gap until the next female so keep trying and eventually I got jogging and then running again. I knew I would pay the price for it later but I was still in the top 5 so it was worth it. Lap 2 was a bit of mix of running and jogging as my ankle was really loose but I was very happy when I got back to the lake for the second time and see the finish line.


Adventure racing, anything can happen but always great fun!

That’s 2014 racing done for me, thanks for all the support over the year! Looking forward to action packed 2015 of racing.


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