Devonport ITU Oceanic Sprint Triathlon Championships


There was some decent swell out the front of the Devonport Surf lifesaving club as I waiting for my name to be called onto the beach. It felt pretty amazing hearing some of the top ranked women in the sport names be called out before mine.

dev swim

It was a beach start which suited me. I had a great start and got through the surf break just behind Maddison Allen. Allen ended up exiting the swim a full minute in front of the rest of the field over a 750m swim – amazing. A group of girls swam through and I settled into the middle of the pack. Past the surf break the ocean was very lumpy, and you could only sight the swim buoys when both you and them were on the peaks of the waves. The wind chop meant to water was also quiet rough and I struggled a bit for a few waves and before I knew it I was 10m off the pack. Annoyed at myself I put my head down and tried to minimise my losses and get to the shore. After missing the first wave I caught the next to the first sand break. I looked up and saw that the group I fell behind was broken up and only just ahead. I worked hard through the shore break milking every little runner and got out of the water and into T1 first.

dev bike

After the fastest T1 of the day I got out onto the bike and couldn’t see the girls I caught up the beach on the road yet so I put my head down and started to chase down those ahead. I was joined by Hewinson (GBR) and then caught Turner (AUS). The group behind were starting to catch and so I thought I would sit up and wait. Then Hewinson, who had done no work on the first lap, took off I had nothing to go with her so I waited for the chase group. It was a nice novelty to be able to sit on the back of a pack and recover for a lap; Salthouse did great work on the front.

dev run

After a good T2 I headed out onto the run first. It wasn’t long before McShane, Musgrove, Tuner and Van Coevorde went past. I paced off Salhouse for the first lap before slipping off her pace on the second. I could see the ground I put into Bevan in the first lap decreasing so I dug deep and increased the pace to hold her off and finish 11th. It was an all international podium so that makes me 8th in the Oceanic Championships!


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